ALBUM REVIEW: Ang Bandang Shirley’s “Themesongs” (10th Anniversary Vinyl Record) + How I Fell In Love With The Band

I got the record at The Greymarket Shoppesville branch. I would have loved to get the bundle from the band but due to budget constraints I opted to get the record only.

It’s nice to hear the songs I fell in love with back then to be given new life through a remastered version in vinyl record format. The music sounds more concrete and crispy.

Themesongs is a great album about love and other things. It encapsulates different experiences and pours them into the lyrics of the songs. Each track in the album is about a different experience and perspective about love. The sleeve artwork of the record is also nice. Did I mention that the color of the vinyl record is Bubblegum Pink? Cool, right?

Track 9 (Tsuper Duper) is my favorite song in the album simply because it played a pivotal role back when I was having a hard time in my early College years. The lyrical structure of the song is simple, which is why the message it conveys is pretty straightforward, which is, not to rush the matters of love.


I discovered Ang Bandang Shirley in 2016, after watching Marie Jamora’s “Ang Nawawala”. “Di Na Babalik” was one of the songs in the movie’s soundtrack.

Ang Bandang Shirley was one of the bands that made me love and appreciate the local ‘underground’ music scene. They were my gateway band.

I hunted down physical copies of their discography, I bought “Themesongs” in The Four Strings, Cubao Expo; “Tama Na Ang Drama” in Satchmi, Megamall. I was extremely lucky, especially with “Themesongs”, since that album was released way way back.

The general vibe of their songs quickly resonated with me for it was around that time that I was very frustrated with myself regarding the matters of love.

I was ‘forcing’ love. I would tend to ‘fall’ for the girls I met around that time easily, and then I got ‘busted’ every single time. It was a very tough time for me. I was ‘thirsty’, to cut the long story short.

I’m really thankful I discovered Ang Bandang Shirley’s songs when I was in that rough patch in my life. Their music helped alleviate some of the pain, and gave me a reason to discover even more local ‘underground’ acts.


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